Survey Methodology

CSALE's data is collected exclusively on-line. An invitation to complete the Master Survey is sent to the person at every law ABA accredited law school in the country with primary responsibility for, or considerable knowledge of the applied legal education programs at his or her school. That person was responsible for assigning the Sub-Surveys which are uniquely identified to prevent duplication. CSALE remotely monitors the progress on all invited Master and Sub Surveys and periodically sends reminders to invitees who have not yet participated.


Download Survey

get adobe reader 2007-08 CSALE Survey of Applied Legal Education

get adobe reader 2010-11 CSALE Survey of Applied Legal Education

get adobe reader 2013-14 CSALE Survey of Applied Legal Education

get adobe reader 2016-17 CSALE Survey of Applied Legal Education

Survey Results

CSALE's fourth triennial survey was completed in 2017 with 94% of ABA accredited schools participating. Follow the links below to download the reports summarizing each of the four surveys.

Report on the 2016-17 Survey

Report on the 2013-14 Survey

Report on the 2010-11 Survey

Report on the 2007-08 Survey

Much of the raw data is available upon request in MS Excel spreadsheet format at no charge. There are four individual data sets. Please view the Report for the year from which you would like to receive data. Use the table below to determine which pieces of data you would like and which data set contains them. Contact us with the relevant information thereafter to make your request. If you would like guidance in formulating your request or on program design and staffing issues, please contact us to arrange a brief consultation. Finally, limited salary and compensation data (in a format that does not reveal participants' identities) is also available upon request. Use the contact us page to make a data request and be sure to include the reason you are seeking the data and your contact information. All consultations and data reports are strictly confidential between CSALE and the recipient.


Data Set 1: Master Survey Sections A, B, C, & G (provides an overview of program design and staffing models).

Data Set 2: In-house, Live Client Clinics

Data Set 3: Field Placement Programs

Data Set 4: Staffing Sub-Survey

There is no charge for the report or raw data, but please consider making a small donation to help CSALE continue its work by visiting our support page or becoming an institutional supporter.